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The Best Strollers for Baby and Toddler Twins

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There are just some things that are different when you are a parent of twins. Having two babies at one time brings challenges other parents simply don't have to think about. One of those things starts as soon as you leave the hospital: what are the best strollers for getting out and about with your baby and/or toddler twins? Read on for ideas and inspo for stroller solutions that might just be the right fit for you and your family as you start your journey with twins.


Best Infant Stroller Solution: Baby Trend Universal Snap-N-Go Car Seat Stroller Frame

When my two were still transportable in their bucket infant car seats, this was a great stroller option for my twins. Using a stroller frame that their infant car seat fitted in rather than using a separate stroller meant I didn’t have to disturb a sleeping baby if one (or both!) drifted off to sleep in their car seat. I could easily lift them and the car seats into the stroller frame. As my twins were preemies, another benefit of keeping them in their infant car seats for a little longer when they needed a stroller was it provided better support for head control than a regular stroller did.

What I liked about this double stroller configuration was my twinnies could see me and I could see them when they were in it. It is lightweight compared to other options and has an easy ‘one hand’ fold. However, let me tell you now, there is nothing quick or glamorous about having to maneuver this frame out of the car, get it set up, get one car seat, attach it and then go around the other side of the car and do the same for another baby. At that point, one twin will likely throw up or need a diaper change, just to help things along…..but, I digress. 

Stroller frame for twin car seats

The design of this Baby Trend double stroller frame with one elevated seat higher than the other does shorten the length of having two car seats end-to-end compared to other models. The other benefit is you fit through most doors rather than a side-by-side option, even if navigating small elevators was interesting on occasion! Lastly, has a decent sized drop down-storage basket underneath, a covered storage area for keys/phone and not one but two cup holders. Yes, you’ll need both of those for coffee!


Best Overall Stroller for Twins: Bumbleride Indie Twin All Terrain Stroller

Once they outgrew their infant car seats, I did a lot of research trying to figure out the best stroller options for twins. I settled with a Bumbleride Indie Twin. Although it is a side-by-side design, it is narrower than some other options and it fitted through most doors. it was super easy to maneuver and fold. It was also relatively lightweight and I could easily manage to get it in and out of the car by myself. It had an all terrain design so it felt like a smooth ride. It also grew with my twins. It has adjustable seats and positions. There are also large canopies to protect from sun exposure but you can also buy a rain cover and other accessories separately. What sold me on it was also the eco-friendly aspects of it. It’s not an inexpensive option, but I felt it was worth the investment and there is also a high resale value for good condition strollers. 

The one downside for most twin strollers (at least for me) is this: when my twins first transitioned to this Bumbleride stroller from their infant car seats, they faced outwards and could not see me when they were in it. This wasn’t such an issue when they became more mobile and could easily climb in and out of it themselves. But, when they were little, it did bother me. 

Best Twin Stroller for Twins

Also, I don’t know why they do this, but I can’t tell you the number of people who felt it was perfectly acceptable to touch my twins when they saw them. What is with that? There is something about seeing twins that makes people want to stop and chat and then touch the babies. With them facing outwards, it was easier for people to see they were twins and harder for me to stop that well-meaning hand before it touched my babies! Other than that, this twin stroller gets two thumbs up.

Looking for other cool products and ideas for twin bassinets and playards/pack n plays? Read this!


Best Value For Money Life Hack: Handy Dandy Stroller Connector for Twins

If you’re anything like me, you’ve just shelled out a small fortune for the best in car seats and the fancy stroller for your twins or multiples.  Then you realize how much wear and tear they get being thrown into the back of the car or, worse, you go on your first trip that requires a flight and you have to check that gorgeous (expensive) stroller in the hold. Urgh. I decided to buy a couple of easy fold strollers (or ‘buggy’ as they are called in the U.K.) specifically for travel. I got this handy little connector tool which was a life saver.

Sometimes, figuring out the best stroller for twins requires a little creative thinking! If I was traveling alone with my twins, no problem, I could easily connect the strollers to create a double stroller. If I was traveling with my partner, we could separate the strollers and push one each. Easy! This was also a great solution if we wanted to go to certain well-known amusement parks or even a day out to places like the zoo that require a lot of walking and a lot of ‘stuff’ is needed to last through an entire day. It meant we didn’t have to hire a stroller and it also didn’t matter so much if the strollers were taken by someone else or went missing in transit on the plane.

Best Strollers for Twins

Always read the manufacturer’s information when buying stroller accessories to make sure they will work with the strollers you have purchased. I had no issues with mine, but some connectors are designed to only work with one brand of stroller. Others are universal. 

Got other ideas or suggestions for life with twins or higher order multiples you’d like to share? Let us know!


Looking for other hints, tips and ideas for products and life hacks for

twins and higher order multiples?


Although I am happy to share these product ideas and solutions, I am not endorsing their safety, any of their features or making any other claims about their use and suitability. Always do your own research and make decisions based on what is best for you and your family. 


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