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What is Twinton Place?

Twinton Place is primarily a children's book written to fill a need I found as a parent of multiples. I couldn't find a book that reflected back what it's like to be a twin to my own children as they became toddlers and were more aware of what other children and adults commented on, asked them about or just plain assumed. This started with constantly being asked if they were fraternal or identical. My fraternal twins still get this question, despite being different heights and looking completely different! This isn't just asked by other children - to this day, adults still ask my friend if her boy/girl twins are identical!


How is Twinton Place different to other books?

Life as a twin and living with twins is FUN! Most other books about twins are targeted at babies and don't explain in kid-friendly ways there are all sorts of twins. They also don't give young twins the tools or words to explain that. Finally, most books don't help friends and family members understand that all twins are individuals with their own personalities, likes and interests. It's really frustrating as a parent of multiples to see so many twins in books, TVs and movies that treat them as a unit, oddity or something to be afraid of.  Yes, they have a unique bond (and, yes, my twins did make up words only they could understand!) but twins are so much more than that. 


Twinton Place is also a place to find ideas for life hacks with twins that I wish was available when my twins were little. 

How do I buy a copy of your book?

Excellent question! You can order your copy on Amazon. Here's a handy dandy link so you can easily find it. 

Do you make money from your product recommendations?

Some of our blogs contain affiliate links. We may get a small amount of money for certain product recommendations, but there is no additional cost to you. Think of this as a top up to our coffee fund. The main goal of our blogs is provide parents and carers of multiples ideas for life with twins and solutions to the unique challenges other parents don't have to think about.


I have a 'must have' product recommendation for twins/multiples I think you should feature. How do I let you know about it?

We're all in on product recommendations for life with twins! Send us your ideas and suggestions. See our Contact Us page.

Do you accept guest blogs?

At the current time, we do not accept guest blogs. However, we're always open to new ideas and perspectives on parenting multiples, or what it's like to be a twin or higher order multiple. Feel free to Contact Us if you think you have an interesting story or idea to share!

How do I get in contact with you?
We love hearing from fellow parents of multiples! See our Contact Us page.

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