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About Us

- Nicola Caul Shelley, Creator -
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As the mother of fraternal twins, Nicola couldn't find any fun books when her children were little about twins or higher order multiples that explained in a kid-friendly way the differences between big words adults used around her twins ALL the time: 'fraternal' and 'identical'.  The books that did exist were also generally targeted at parents of babies with lots of nursery rhyming language and baby talk and didn't really get to the issue of what it's like to be a twin. Frustratingly, twins and multiples in books and on the big screen were (and still are) often depicted as oddities and sidekicks or they perpetuated the myth of twins - especially in movies - as something to be afraid of.


She also struggled to find recommendations for baby and toddler products that were made with multiples in mind. If you've ever had to carry two or more car seats at one time, you'll understand!

The goal of Twinton Place is to celebrate the individuality of twins and higher order multiples and the special bond they have, but also to recognize the unique needs, challenges and creative thinking it takes as a parent of multiples.

- Laila Hills, Illustrator -

Laila focuses on bright, colorful illustration and design for children's books, commissions, greetings cards, apparel and more.  


From the South West of England, her work is influenced by her time as a Graphic Designer working on a broad range of projects, specializing in pre-school activity-led stationery and magazines. She has worked with publishers, brands and well-known high street retailers for many years.

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